Where to eat in Conil and El Palmar


Bar Have Something

You cannot miss the wonderful menu that this cozy restaurant offers, nor on paelleros Saturdays, you want to come back.

Schedule: From Tuesday to Sunday from 12.00 a 16.00 and of 19.30 a 23.45, closed monday.
Address: Herrería Street, 5
Phone: 609 48 76 54

The Conil Hideout

Splendid service, excellent food and a place with special magic and charm. Don't leave without trying the smoked tuna and the Cádiz cheese platter with homemade jams made with sherry wine.

Address: Herrería Street, 11
Phone: 685 25 58 54

More than Boxes

Excellent place for breakfasts, and tapas. Good wines and excellent preserves of all kinds and of course: the tuna. Awesome service.

Address: Gonzalo Sanchez Fuentes Street, 15
Schedule: Monday to Saturday 19.00 a 00.00. closed Sundays.
Phone: 617 81 81 60

Esparte Brewery

Establishment with a terrace located in a cozy hostel that serves Andalusian cuisine.

Address: Canary street, 1
Schedule: Monday through Thursday 18.00 a 02.00. Friday, Saturdays and Sundays, from 11.30 a 16.00 and of 18.00 a 02.00.
Phone: 956 11 35 30

The Lost Puppy

Cute gastrobar with whitewashed walls and rustic air with an eclectic menu of international recipes.

Address: Herrería Street, 3D
Schedule: Thursday to Sunday from 12.00 16.00 and of 20.00 a 00.00.
Phone: 956 97 32 42

The diligence

Delicious tapas and Spanish dishes in a lively brewery with a covered terrace and excellent service.

Address: Gonzalo Sánchez Fuentes Street, 3
Phone: 646 15 17 05

Olé Tapas

Cozy local with an exquisite gastronomic offer and friendly and attentive staff.

Address: Pozuelo street, 9
Schedule: Monday through Sunday 13.30 a 14.15 and of 20.00 a 00.00.
Phone: 677 83 25 60


Elegant place with good service and spectacular quality, they know how to treat the product very well.

Address: Pascual Junquera Street, 2
Schedule: Monday through Sunday 12.00 a 03.00.
Phone: 621 23 57 44

The Watchtower of Mary

Almadraba tuna and products from the local garden in a cozy space with bright Mediterranean decor.

Address: La rotonda street, SN


Elaborate and original dishes with an incredible flavor. Attention is wonderful.

Address: Pozuelo street, 2
Phone: 856 00 48 19

White and Green Restaurant

It is a picturesque place in Andalusia modernized, It has a beautiful Andalusian patio for summer, the stews are a delight and everything that comes out of your barbecue is delicious as is the fish and the vegetables.

Address: Calle Rosa de los Vientos, 14
Phone: 956 44 26 13

Los Hermanos Bar

Typical fried fish of the area in a place acclimated and recognized. Great for some cool beers and a good tapa.

Address: Virgin street, 2
Schedule: Open from 13.00 a 16.00 and of 20.00 a 00.00. Closed tuesdays; closed Sunday nights.
Phone: 956 44 04 03

Malcafé coffe & deli

A wonderful place, spectacular breakfasts and a service of 10. You should not leave Conil without going through here.

Address: Antonio Ureba Street, 17
Schedule: Monday through Sunday 9.00 a 14.00
Phone: 644 40 05 04

Floren's Breakfast

Cozy place, breakfasts as varied as rich and excellent customer service.

Address: Pascual Junquera Street, 13
Schedule: From 9.00 a 16.00. Wednesday closed.
Phone: 639 74 99 47

Churrería La Chana

Churrería of all life where you can have the typical southern churros for breakfast, accompanied by hot chocolate at a good price.

Address: Pascual Junquera Street, 5
Schedule: From 07.00 a 13.00. Wednesday closed.

Cinnamon and Honey

Wonderful candy maker with cakes, artisan pastries and glasses with desserts that keep you coming back again and again.

Address: General Gabino Aranda Street, 8
Schedule: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 9.30 a 14.30 and of 16.00 a 21.00 h. Friday, Saturday and Sunday 9.30 a 21.00 h. Closed tuesdays.
Phone: 956 11 34 32


Santa Guadalupe

Great skewers and good service. Good price for the area.

Address: Promenade
Phone: 627 34 58 68

Piñero Sale

Home cooking, ideal to eat after a good time on the beach, good service.

Address: A-2233, 246
Schedule: From 8.00 a 23.00
Phone: 956 23 22 67

Isabel House

good products, specialties of the area. Traditional cuisine with a very good homemade touch.

Address: Warrior path, 273
Schedule: From 08.00 a 00.00. Closed Monday.
Phone: 637 39 57 74

Great slime

Site next to the beach with good concerts and good views for sunsets.

Address: Promenade, s/n
Schedule: From 13.00 a 02.00. Saturdays and Sundays until 05.00

The Golden

A cozy place with great views where you can enjoy good food or have a few drinks.

Address: El Palmar, s/n
Phone: 635 94 83 97


Good atmosphere, both to eat and to have a few drinks by the sea, without a doubt a place that you cannot miss on your visit.

Address: Promenade
Phone: 679 67 55 84

The origin

A young and acclaimed place, where to have a few drinks or eat with one of the best views of the Cadiz beaches, with its own pool and good music.

Address: El Palmar


Located on the edge of the road from Tarifa to Conil, They serve some very good grilled meats accompanied by some different fried potatoes that you can eat in the area. Very nice staff and very good prices in relation to quality and quantity.

Address: New Tower Way
Schedule: From 8.00 a 00.00 h

Juan House

Beachfront seafaring house and semi-covered terrace serving seafood, like Almadraba tuna.

Address: Carr. Of the beach, s/n
Phone: 956 23 20 99


Ideal for a day at the beach and go up for a delicious Indian meal, the deal is very close and they have good prices. Highly recommended.

Address: Of. of the beach, s/n
Schedule: Monday through Thursday 13.00 a 17.00, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 13.00 a 17.00 and of 20.30 a 00.00.
Phone: 622 27 49 35

The Ensign

One of the best tuna and well prepared on foot from one of the best beaches in Europe. Excellent service.

Address: Beach walk, s/n
Schedule: From 13.30 a 19.00 and of 20.30 a 23.30. Tuesday closed.
Phone: 626 58 08 95

The Cortijiyo

Quality food, we recommend you try the local fish, especially the borriquete. Fast and efficient service. Great value for the price.

Address: Avenida La Playa
Schedule: From 12.00 a 00.00.
Phone: 675 58 67 57

Francisco the Always House

Wonderful restaurant with an incredible menu and a few meters from the beach, also the staff is very attentive and friendly. Highly recommended.

Address: El Palmar beach
Schedule: From 13.00 a 23.30 h
Phone: 956 23 22 49