The Vejer Trail

It is usually celebrated on the first Sunday of each month and is considered a second-hand flea market or "baratillo" and handicrafts. So, here you will find artisan products, antiques, pictures painted by hand by the sellers themselves, used items, collectibles, etc.

Located on Juan Relinque street, a pedestrian zone in the heart of the town, Vejer's trail opens from 10:00 in the morning. Clothes, handbags, leather goods, screens, imitation jewelry, etc. as well as curiosities of all kinds and even objects that you did not know you needed until you see them there are the items that you can buy in this craft market.

Address: calle Juan Relic

Vejer market

With a large influx of street traders, vejeriegos and visitors from nearby towns is one of the best markets in the area. You can buy basic necessities like clothes as well as typical local products and much fresher food than in any shopping center..

The Vejer market is held every Thursday during 9:00 a 14:00 and it is located on Avenida Rey Juan Carlos I.

Address: Avenida del Rey Juan Carlos I

San Francisco market

If your thing is gastronomic tourism and your interest is also focused on the gastronomy and culinary culture of Vejer, the San Francisco Market is your place. Old Plaza de Abastos that was transformed a few years ago into a gastronomic market where you can taste and taste the typical products of this town: fresh seafood, the tenderloin in butter, sushi, fried fish and especially, the meats that are the specialty of this market, they have a place in the San Francisco de Vejer gastronomic market that continues to preserve its traditional stalls such as fishmongers, butchers, etc. where you have the possibility to buy gourmet products and authentic delicacies of this land such as tuna from almadraba or retinto meat.

Address: San Francisco street