La Bombonera Beach Bar

good prices, great atmosphere and exquisite coffees, ideal to have a few drinks and listen to music.

Address: Remedies park

Schedule: From 12.00 a 4.00

Phone: 637 06 55 52

The Well Paid

In the well pagá you will have very good drinks in a very cozy place, good atmosphere and friendly and attentive service.

Address: La Corredera Street 55

Schedule: From 20.00 a 4.00

The West

Its views will surprise you, it is an ideal place to eat, but it is certainly wonderful to watch the sunset with a good coffee or a drink.

Address: Of. from Buenavista

Schedule: From 17.00 a 22.30.

Phone: 629 48 32 86


Water Mills Routes

In Vejer you will have the possibility of doing a low difficulty route, about 5.5 kilometres.

The Vejer water mills are located in the rural nucleus of Santa Lucía a 3 kilometers from Vejer de la Frontera. Currently, the remains of seven mills that were moved by hydraulic energy from the La Muela spring are preserved.. Taking advantage of the natural unevenness of the land or creating it through aqueducts, seven waterfalls are achieved, allowing the operation of the seven mills. The surplus water was used to irrigate the Santa Lucia orchards.

The water mills belonged to the Duke of Medina Sidonia although their origins date back to the Islamic period.. They are currently municipally owned.

Here you can find the route and all the necessary information about it:

Candle Nights

Although it is a recent tradition, not stop being one of the biggest attractions of Vejer, it is a very special night where electric light gives way to candle lighting, creating a special and unforgettable atmosphere.

A tour takes place throughout the historic center of the town at night, where only a multitude of candles light the way, turning the place into an enchanted town, with a magical atmosphere that will make you repeat yourself. At the end of the tour a musical group is in charge of entertaining the charming walk. Crowds of visitors walk its streets tonight and the atmosphere is incredible. A place that you can not miss without a doubt.


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