The city bus is the best choice for urban transport in Cádiz, currently circulating in five lines of buses operated by the City of Cadiz. These are the following:

Line 1: Plaza Spain - Cortadura (Consult timetables and route HERE )

Line 2: Plaza Spain - Struts- slum Loreto (Consult timetables and route HERE)

Line 3: Plaza Spain- Slum Peace - Struts (Consult timetables and route HERE)

Line 5: Plaza Spain - La Laguna - Slum Loreto - Z. Franca (Consult timetables and route HERE)

Line 7: Engineer Cierva - Simon Bolivar (Consult timetables and route HERE)

The following link provide a general level obtained from the website of the transport company to check all the lines and stops performing each: GENERAL PLANE

Transport company aimed at providing the bus service in the province of Cadiz is the Consorcio Metropolitano Bay of Cadiz, It is operating between the different points of the term.

We provide a link to the lines that are currently in operation, and a link to the query times.

Consultation lines intercity transport HERE

Consult timetables of intercity transport HERE

Cadiz Bus Station

Address: Of. Astilleros s/n

Schedule: labor of 6.00 a 00.15 h, Saturdays and holidays 6.30 a 00.15 h.

Phone: 956 257 415

Department of Transportation, Public road and Fines

Address: Plaza San Juan de Puerto Rico s / n

Schedule: Monday through Friday 9.00 a 13.00 h.

Phone: 956 241 153


The other major means of transportation in Cadiz is the taxi. In the town of Cadiz are numerous taxi stops fixed throughout the city. We provide below a list with each of them:

You can not find a stop nearby, or you want to order a taxi to pick you up at some other point of the town, just contact radiotaxi Cádiz. You can do this over the phone, through its website or the new free application for mobile phones or tablets.

Phone: 956 212 121 / 956 262 626.

Application: Taxi Click to IOS

Taxi Click to Andorid


This is one of the best options for travel in Cádiz, as there is very good connection both between different locations, As with the rest of Spain, also it features a train station in the center.

We provide a link to check source or destination stations, and schedules: HERE

Cádiz Train Station

Address: Seville Square s / n
Schedule: Diary of 05.20 a 00.45 h.
Phone: 912 432 343

Trolley car

Tram Bay Metropolitan Cadiz consists of two transmission lines circulating in part by conventional railway line currently existing and then continue by tramway platform built expressly.

Line 1: Cádiz- Chiclana

Line 2: Cádiz - Jerez

Address: Street El Bosque s / n
Consult timetables by phone: 956 283 804


Cadiz does not have its own airport, Nevertheless, the closest are well connected with the city. The nearest is Jerez de la Frontera, It is 35 kilometers from the city and there is the possibility of reaching it through trains or buses.

The Jerez La Parra International Airport (THERE IT IS: XRY), It is located northwest of Jerez de la Frontera, a 9 kilometers from the city center.

Outside you can find the taxi rank (From sherry), Train station with C-1 connection(Cádiz-Jerez La Parra International Airport) / MD (Seville-Cádiz), Metropolitan buses.


Plant 0 before passing control: Abades (Coffee shop), Press (Store), Car rental, Tourist information

Plant 0 after passing control: Gambrinus (Brewery), Dutty Free

Plant 1: On Time (restaurant)

Address: Road N-IV, km. 628.5, 11401 Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz
Schedule: Check schedules by phone *
Phone: 956 150 000

We also highlight the Seville International Airport, also known as Saint Paul. Its code is SVQ and it is managed by Aena, three kilometers from the city.

The Airport Terminal consists of two levels, the ground floor and the first floor:

Low level: Arrivals

First floor: Departures. Has 42 check-in counters and doors K1 to k4, 1, 1ª, and of 2 a 11.

Address: A-4, Km. 532 – 41020 Sevilla
Schedule: Check schedules by phone *
Phone: 954 449 000


Harnessing the natural platform representing the water level of the Bay of Cadiz to establish metropolitan passenger transport lines has been one of the main tasks undertaken by the Transport Consortium of the Bay of Cadiz since its inception. In June 2006 It was launched maritime service with two lines: Cádiz- Rota and Cádiz- El Puerto de Santa María.

B-042 Cádiz - El Puerto de Santa María

B-065 Cadiz - Rota

Line B-042 Cádiz-El Puerto de Santa María, covers the journey between the two locations with a trip duration of approximately 25 minutes, depending on the sea conditions. Line B-065 Cádiz-Rota-Cádiz covers the route between the two towns in 30 minutes approximately depending on sea conditions.

The ticket sale ends at least 5 minutes before departure time and the boarding gate will close 3 minutes before the catamaran departure so that the boat can set sail at the established time.

The maritime service has a maximum daily capacity of passenger movement 7.200 users between the two lines an ordinary working day.

Both services have the possibility of advance sale of tickets to users, both single fare card as the Transport Consortium Bahía de Cádiz, for services for four days in advance and up 1 hour before the departure of the expedition. In those cases, It is not possible to perform transfers with other lines.

Rates maritime service are equal to those of the rest of trunk lines Consortium.

Marine terminals are located:

  • Cádiz : Port of Cadiz s / n
  • Santa Maria Port: Avda. Bajamar s/n
  • Rota: Puerto Deportivo de Rota

See all schedules HERE